Kendall Jenner in black and white clothes

Kendall Jenner outfit

Kendall Jenner (20 years old), american fashion model and television personality, star of Kardashians family, presents black and white look. To have the same outfit check out KAMALIKULTURE dress, 20$ white keds and 13$ Duduma sunglasses. After buying the look enjoy Kendall’s book.

  1. KAMALIKULTURE Turtleneck Dress – $96.00*

  2. Breckelles keds – $21.90/

  3. Fineplus handbag – $88.98

  4. Jessica London – $152.20

  5. Book – $11.00

  6. Duduma Aviator Sunglasses – $12.99

*on the date of the post

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Kylie Jenner in black clothes

Kylie Jenner outfit

Stylish sports outfit inspired by Kylie Jenner (18 years old), american celebrity famous for playing in Kardashian family. Addidas leggins and t-shirt combined with GUCIHEAVEN shoes make an affordable and at the same time cool look for running or visiting fitness club

  1. Adidas T shirt – $35.95*

  2. Adidas Leggings – $48.97

  3. GUCIHEAVEN sports shoes – $69.99

  4. Casio Gold Stainless-Steel Watch – $33.58

  5. CG Eyewear sunglasses – $8.25

*on the date of the post

Emma Stone spring outfit

Emma Stone outfit

The Hollywood star Emma Stone (27) presents an amazing chic spring oufit. The combination of plain clothes makes a cute outfit to have for everyday life. Get the same look on Amazon. We’ve found everything as affordable as we can to make the look stylish and cheap simultaneously.

  1. Babyhclub Knit V-Neck Sweater – $29.15*

  2. Levi’s Jean – $22.48/

  3. Hynes Eagle Backpack – $35.99

  4. Augbunny Scarf – $12.99

  5. DG Sunglasses – $19.99

  6. SheIn Long Coat – $34.99

  7. Soda Shoes – $21.48

*on the date of the post

Kendall Jenner’s street style

Kendall Jenner outfit

Sports stylish look with combination of black and grey inspired by Kendall Jenner (20 years old), a popular american actress and entrepreneur. The key elements are affordable for everyone and at the same time must have in your wardrobe. The mix of black leather jacket with Steen Boot and sports clothes makes this look fresh and trendy.

  1. Fifth Parallel Threads Turtleneck – $13.50*

  2. Lysse Center Seam Ponte – $20.84

  3. Sofra Pullover – $16.99

  4. ANGVNS black jacket – $31.99

  5. SWG Aviator Sunglasses – $13.99

  6. Copi Handbag – $36.90

  7. BareTraps Women’s Steena Boot – $35.00

  8. *on the date of the post

3 Katniss Everdeen outfits


Katniss Everdeen outfit

After watching «Hunger games» it’s time to explore Katniss Everdeen’s style — main character in movie played by Jennifer Lawrence (25 years). This outfit will help stay stylish in fall or in winter. 20$ Leather LL jacket and knite long scarf make you feel comfortable notwithstanding the weather. Enjoy the cheap version of the look we’ve assembled specialy for you.

  1. Hanes Tee – $7.83*

  2. Levi’s Skinny Jean – $22.74/

  3. SK Hat shop knite long scarf – $7.95

  4. BareTraps Steena Boot – $35.00

  5. LL Quilted Biker Jacket – $19.95

*on the date of the post

Katniss Everdeen outfit

The next outfit can seem a bit specific and fit only to the world of the movie. But we think that the combination of this 3 items will make an impressive look for daily life. We have found affordable clothes to make this combination more attractive for you :) So enjoy your 25$ junpsuit with 1.7$ belt.

  1. Blue Jumpsuit – $25.42*

  2. CTM® Fashion Dress Belt – $1.68/

  3. Top Moda Boot with Buckle Accent – $17.00

*on the date of the post

Katniss Everdeen outfit

Our special collection of Katniss Everdeen looks has one more outfit that can be okay for modern world. Combination of leather jacket, green shirt and deep chocolate jeans.

  1. Port Authority Shirt – $14.99*

  2. Lee Jean – $24.90/

  3. Made By Johnny jacket – $39.11

  4. Fossil Jean Belt – $40.00

  5. Naturalizer Jamison Riding Boot – $62.70

*on the date of the post

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