Emma Stone spring outfit

Emma Stone outfit

The Hollywood star Emma Stone (27) presents an amazing chic spring oufit. The combination of plain clothes makes a cute outfit to have for everyday life. Get the same look on Amazon. We’ve found everything as affordable as we can to make the look stylish and cheap simultaneously.

  1. Babyhclub Knit V-Neck Sweater

    Amazon.com – $29.15*

  2. Levi’s Jean

    Amazon.com – $22.48/

  3. Hynes Eagle Backpack

    Amazon.com – $35.99

  4. Augbunny Scarf

    Amazon.com – $12.99

  5. DG Sunglasses

    Amazon.com – $19.99

  6. SheIn Long Coat

    Amazon.com – $34.99

  7. Soda Shoes

    Amazon.com – $21.48

*on the date of the post

Jennifer Aniston fall fashion

Jennifer Aniston outfit

Another great outftit inspired by one the most fashionable Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Aniston (46 years old), american actress. In cold fall days this simple outfit will be the best choice. Get the same look with 7cuteoutfits. Check out Kensie black Coat with Bambi Sweater, Spoke-s booties.

Anne Hathaway in white clothes

Anne Hathaway outfit

Bright fall style is presented by Anne Hathaway (32 years old), american actress. Stylish outfit consists of white T-shirt and skinny jeans with grey cardigan. Twisted Sneakers (100% match) go perfectly with this look. Stylish street summer outfit with jeans

  1. Fifth Parallel Threads White T shirt

    Amazon.com – $15.50*

  2. 2LUV White Skinny Jeans

    Amazon.com – $31.77

  3. Dasein Vegan Leather Mini Satchel

    Amazon.com – $36.99

  4. PattyBoutik Knit Sweater Cardigan

    Amazon.com – $47.99

  5. Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella

    Amazon.com – $34.99

  6. Twisted Sneakers

    Amazon.com – $12.99

*on the date of the post

Jessica Alba street outfit

Jessica-alba 2
Jessica Alba outfit

Airport outfit inspired by Jessica Alba (32 years old), a well-known american actress and entrepreneur with great style sense. To make this outfit you’ll need 5$ plain white T-shirt, 9$ ripped jeans and Calvin Klein coat. The very important detail is hat (which is also very affordable though it’s a complete match with Alba’s choice). Breckelles shoes will complement the look.

  1. Hanes Short T shirt

    Amazon.com – $4.87*

  2. Unionbay Ripped Jeans

    Amazon.com – $8.85

  3. Createforlife long coat

    Amazon.com – $36.80

  4. Calvin Klein Coat

    Amazon.com – $65.99

  5. Rockland suitcase

    Amazon.com – $80.00

  6. Tom Clovers handbag

    Amazon.com – $64.99

  7. Bigood hat

    Amazon.com – $4.07

  8. Edge I-Wear sunglasses

    Amazon.com – $10.73

  9. Breckelles shoes

    Amazon.com – $22.90

*on the date of the post

Demi Lovato chic outfit

Demi Lovato outfit

One of the most popular young singer, Demi Lovato (25 years old), knows how to make a street look good. The combination of simple clothes makes a solid stylish outftit. Get the same look with Aeropostale Jeans and Denim 24/7 Blazer. The Mn&Sue bag will go perfectly with this outfit.

  1. Mullsan T-shirt

    Amazon.com – $12.99*

  2. Aeropostale Jeans

    Amazon.com – $34.99/

  3. 5 Case

    Amazon.com – $14.49

  4. Denim 24/7 Blazer

    Amazon.com – $67.88

  5. Tom Ford Sunglasses

    Amazon.com – $125.00

  6. Mn&Sue bag

    Amazon.com – $38.48

  7. Naturalizer Sandal

    Amazon.com – $44.13

*on the date of the post